What is
BOSS is a Global Business Club with powerful network and business events.

Making business contacts a powerful tool for our development and partnerships.
1. Business Meetings

Your future friends, partners, investors, mentors, contractors, clients are here in the club.

More than 30 business events are held a year: forums, symposia, business tours and business meetings of local clubs in different locations, with different topics and invited guests from the business environment, governments, and technological innovators.

We introduce you to each other using the BOSS Gala Networking method, where you can join your business efforts with equally serious and influential people with extensive experience and investments.

2. Business Civilization

We are of the same blood. Regardless of what nation you are, what country you are from, you are an entrepreneur.

Business culture and business ethics are in the blood of BOSS members, so a healthy entrepreneurial atmosphere reigns in the club, where they will always help you find the right partner or solution, see areas of expertise for business growth and scaling in any request, learn valuable experience in global franchising, as well as assistance in any other business-related matters.

The BOSS Club is a community of like-minded people who are creating a sustainable future with their business ideas and enterprises.

3. Global Opportunities
The BOSS Club is the organizer and partner of dozens of key global business forums annually, which are attended by business representatives from 35+ countries around the world.

You develop your ability to cooperate with different countries of the world through a faster way - partnerships and expertise.

4. Family Values & New Friends
Through interaction with famous business families and individuals, a new field of relaxation and pleasure is formed: you participate in international business tours and business camps with your family.

Make new friends and create pleasant experiences for life, enjoy sharing life and business experiences, and spend time in local and away business and entertainment events of the club!
5. Drivers of Growth in the Club
We have combined the power of networking, media, digital tools and business tourism to grow the opportunities of entrepreneurs, bringing everything together into a single club, essential for everyone with a business and ambitions.

Values, Ethics, and Norms

Values, Ethics, and Norms

BOSS is an international business club of entrepreneurs and innovators, business owners for the development of business contacts, international trade opportunities, mutual partnerships, investment in innovation and the formation of a global business civilization.

The importance of business civilization cannot be overstated in our globalized world. It encompasses the values, ethics, and norms that govern how businesses and individuals interact within the business environment. Here are some key reasons why business civilization is of great significance.

Why business civilization is of great significance?

Economic Growth:

Business civilization promotes economic growth by fostering trust and cooperation. When businesses and individuals engage in fair and ethical practices, it attracts investments, fuels innovation, and drives economic development.

Ethical Conduct:

It sets the framework for ethical conduct in business. Ethical behavior is crucial for maintaining the trust of stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors.

Global Trade:

In an interconnected world, business civilization is vital for international trade. Common ethical standards and practices make it easier for countries and companies to engage in global commerce.

Corporate Responsibility:

It reinforces the idea of corporate social responsibility. Businesses are expected to contribute positively to society by taking care of the environment, supporting local communities, and maintaining ethical supply chains.

Legal Compliance:

Business civilization helps ensure legal compliance. It encourages businesses to operate within the bounds of the law, reducing the risk of legal disputes and fostering a more stable business environment.

Workplace Culture:

It shapes workplace culture. A civilized business environment promotes respect, diversity, and inclusivity, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.


A civilized business environment encourages innovation by promoting research and development, protecting intellectual property rights, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Consumer Confidence:

It builds consumer confidence. When businesses adhere to ethical and fair practices, consumers are more likely to trust them and make informed purchasing decisions.

Investor Trust:

Business civilization is crucial for gaining the trust of investors. Ethical practices and transparency in financial reporting are essential for attracting investment.

Long-term Sustainability:

A focus on business civilization ensures the long-term sustainability of businesses. It encourages companies to consider the broader impact of their actions on society and the environment.

Reduced Corruption:

Ethical standards within business civilization can help combat corruption, which can be a significant barrier to economic development and social progress.
In essence, business civilization underpins the functioning of modern economies and the well-being of societies. 

It fosters an environment where businesses can thrive, innovate, and contribute positively to the world. It is a fundamental aspect of building a better and more prosperous future for all.
Keep Calm and Do Business


is 5 in 1

BOSS Club is a dynamic networking organization that brings together diverse professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders from various industries. Our mission is to foster meaningful connections, facilitate knowledge exchange, and promote collaboration.

Through BOSS Club's networking events and platforms, members have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for success, innovation, and personal growth. Our events provide a unique space for professionals to connect, share their experiences, and explore potential business opportunities.

In addition to networking, BOSS Club also offers a high-quality business magazine. This magazine is a valuable resource for our members, featuring insightful articles, interviews with industry experts, and in-depth analyses of current business trends. It serves as a knowledge hub, providing valuable insights and inspiration for professionals looking to stay ahead in their respective fields.



Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, or simply someone looking to expand their professional network, BOSS Club offers a vibrant and supportive community to help you achieve your goals.

1. Club Of Business Owners

Join an elite community of entrepreneurs and innovators at the BOSS BUSINESS CLUB, where business owners connect, collaborate, and grow.

2. Magazine for Business People

Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of commerce with our BOSS BUSINESS CLUB Magazine, offering the latest insights and trends for savvy business professionals.

3. Network For Business Development

Expand your business horizons with BOSS BUSINESS CLUB's extensive network, designed to foster development, partnerships, and growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

4. Business Education & Mentoring

Elevate your entrepreneurial skills with BOSS BUSINESS CLUB's comprehensive education and mentoring programs, tailored for business success in today's competitive market.

5. Global Events for Business Civilization.

Experience the pinnacle of corporate networking and innovation at BOSS BUSINESS CLUB's Global Events, where the business world's finest minds converge to shape the future of business civilization.

Is BOSS Business Club suitable for you?

Each member is selected in several stages to ensure that they meet the BOSS Business Club code and values. 

The process of joining the club consists of four stages:

1. Explore the website with the Club values. Make sure you share the following values: ethics, innovation, and development.

2. Fill the Form and describe your Business experience.

3. Get an Invoice and pay a membership fee of your choice.

4. Be invited to the face-to-face and digital BOSS Community.

Get an Invoice and pay a membership fee of your choice